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Cubemap Toolset

This script was created to help render cubemaps in Maya. I made this during the game projects at The Game Assembly.

  • Render 6 cameras from origin
  • Combine Images into Horizontal Cross
  • Layout Images for NVIDIA .dds format
  • Python, PyMEL, Maya

Maya Level Exporter

At The Game Assembly, we used Maya as a Level editor for one project and this script exported the levels to XML files, which were loaded directly by the game engine.

  • Exports Maya Scene To XML
  • Exports All Transforms, position, rotation, scale
  • Exports User Defined Attributes.
  • Python, PyMEL, Maya

Texture Batch Exporter

I made this export script so that the artists could quickly batch export several textures from Photoshop. This was also created while I was at The Game Assembly.

  • Export group to texture
  • Combine & shuffle texture channels
  • Batch save multiple textures.
  • Saves to DDS format.
  • Javascript, Photoshop